“To heal” is to reclaim wholeness – to make whole or sound again.  

About BCST

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a hands-on therapy where finely tuned palpation skills and a ‘listening touch’ are used to gain information about how a client’s body is – this is a constantly dynamic process. Much more than just techniques, BCST integrates the whole body, and helps us rebalance, deeply relax, improve awareness of one’s body, and assist our natural capacity for self-repair. The effects of treatment can be profound, and balancing of emotions as well as physical symptoms is common. 

From osteopathic origins, specific hand contacts over the skull and spine can help calm and settle what’s underneath – the brain and spinal cord – this affects the whole body. The craniosacral system of the body is just like our breathing or circulation – always working for us, but below our usual level of awareness.

Therapists three-dimensionally feel along the body, noticing health, and any restrictions in different body tissues and fluids, and gently work with these.  The therapy is led by the client, allowing your system to set the pace at which adjustments take place and the order in which changes occurs. 

What Does Craniosacral Therapy Help?

Craniosacral therapy can assist many health conditions due to its foundational aim to restore health in clients. Some conditions that are particularly responsive to craniosacral therapy are:

  • Headaches/ Migraines

  • Neck/Shoulder Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Dental/ TMJ / Jaw Tension

  • Injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Sinusitis

  • Physical and Emotional Trauma

  • Mother and baby/child

  • Digestive disorders

  • Muscular pain or tissue tension

  • Insomnia or sleep issues

  • Nervous system dysfunction

  • Low energy/ chronic fatigue

  • Stress and Emotional difficulties

As this is a gentle therapy, it’s suitable for all ages,  including newborns, the elderly and people with delicate, degenerative or painful conditions. You don’t even need to be suffering from a “condition” to receive craniosacral therapy. Some people come to craniosacral therapy because they want to improve their lives and invite a greater sense of health. Craniosacral therapy offers a unique and gentle approach to restore the body and find new senses of embodiment. BCST is often ideal for strange or unusual complaints that haven’t responded well to other types of investigation or treatment. 

Respect the healing priority of the body makes room for old struggles and stresses to begin unfolding and unwinding themselves, allowing the birthright of health to radiate and flow once again. 

Getting Started is Easy

Session starts!

"When I first started the session with Angela, I could only sleep for a few hours and I was always feeling very tired and it affected my activities. After some sessions, I can finally sleep very well and rest longer hours after almost 30 years. I feel much better now!"


"Thank you so much for the wonderful healing. I have been feeling much clearer and brighter. I can be more into my meditation and self centered and with greater control and compassion. "

Dr. Adrian

"I felt these sessions are both interesting and informative. I had not thought about how one's emotion can affect physical health-Angela made me more aware of this. All the information she provided seemed to relate to me. It reassured me that my inner feelings about being unable to have a child of my own were understandable, and that I should not lose my faith because of this. I felt an immediate relief after the session."

Margarete, 86 yo

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

BCST can lead to changes in areas of restrictions and discomfort, and an optimizing of overall health. Clients often experience more energy, resilience, calmness and mental clarity. Through a series of treatments, a client can experience greater vitality and well-being, an improvement in symptoms and a movement away from old patterns and dis-ease. This can lead to a renewed sense of direction and purpose and new ways of relating to others. 

What is a session like?

The therapist will discuss with you a history of your problem/s.

You will lie (normally on your back, but you may be treated in a sitting or side-lying position if preferred) comfortably on a treatment table, fully clothed. 

With your permission, the therapist will move hand contact to other areas as appropriate. Although to an outside observer it may look like ‘nothing is being done’, the therapist is working with rhythms and patterns within the body. The therapist ‘tunes into’ your body gently by holding usually the feet or shoulders to begin with. The therapist is able to notice contractions and restrictions held in the tissues and fluids of the body.

You may feel relaxation, softening of your body, warmth or perhaps tingling or other sensations.

Some people may not feel a lot initially, as in modern life, or following some experiences, we can be quite disconnected from our bodies.

The therapist will talk with you during the session about what is happening, afterwards should deep relaxation be apparent.


What about trauma?

Many conditions, such as birth issues, accidents, illnesses and psychological stress have their orignins in physical or emotional trauma. BCST work particularly well with these traumas, facilitating a safe resolution of shock and held experiences. These changes can have a profound effect on a person’s body and mind and on how they related with others.  


How about babies, children, mothers or elderly?

Babies can benefit from BCST for:

  • unsettledness;
  • colic
  • fussy/distressed cry;
  • ear problems; and
  • feeding issues.

Sometimes these stem from physical compressions and restrictions experienced during the birth process, which can be felt by trained hands.

Older children can benefit from problems such as behavioural and speech issues, and night terrors.

Treatments during the term of the pregnancy can help the woman’s body adjust to the changes created by the pregnancy. It can also support the new mothers to approach labour with strength, confidence and vitality. Working with the mothers and babies postnatally can support recovery from the rigours of childbirth.  Mother and baby are often treated in the same session. 

It is gentle and safe for newborns to the elderly, and every age in between.

What is the rate?

Per session: $100 for adults and $60 for children below 16yo
Package: 4 intensive sessions
$360 for adults and  $210 for children below 16yo

If need to be in-house service, need to add on $30 for transportation. (Within 10 KM to Queenstown MRT) 

Where to receive the session and working hour?

Currently the therapist is offering the session in Queenstown.

We can provide in-house visit as well, especially for infant, elderly or people with mobility difficulties. 

Sessions are strictly by appointment only. No walk-ins.                  BCST are offered Weekday afternoons from 1PM till 5PM.

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