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Parenting is already hard enough. We believe that with proper balance and education, your family can thrive, which is why I share all of my favorite sleep, potty and Baby Signs education here for you to get started.

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Teething and Baby’s Sleep

Teething and Baby’s Sleep

Are you familiar with the story of Catherine O’Leary and her cow? If not, then it is about a story which had been published in the Chicago Tribune in 1871 which alleged that a cow owned by Catherine O’Leary was the cause of the great Chicago Fire. Apparently, the cow...

Potty Training History

Potty Training History

“98 percent of children are completely daytime independent by age 4” (NY Times, 1999).  As a parent and toilet training coach, I know that deep inside you’re probably housing a thought that could completely sabotage your attempts at potty training your child. Thoughts...