Sleep and Communication Solutions 

From newborn to preschooler

Sleep Consultation

provides respectful and practical solutions to help your baby (or young child) create healthy and happy sleep habits  

Baby Signs

 can encourage babies to communicate, also improve parents’ ability to understand what their little ones are trying to say

Toilet learning

help your baby use the potty with Elimination Communication or offer a quick, effective, sensible solution to potty training without using force or rewards

Hello! I’m Angela

Your personal baby whisperer

As a mother of two lovely boys, I have used all three programs: signs, sleeping and toileting with much success.  They were calmer, more confident, and able to communicate at an early age. My first born was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth, and I was told he would be able to walk but might have severe learning disabilities including learning to talk. I started to search for health and development solutions for him the minute his paediatrician left my ward. My experience led me to become certified in those areas so I could help other parents  in those early years to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress.


My Expertise

Sleep Consultation

Newborn sleep education

Hard to fall asleep

Nap transition

Early morning wake ups

Baby Signs

Reduce frustration

Promotes positive emotion

Strengthen bonding

Helps babies learn to talk

Toilet Learning

How to EC

Potty training plan


Night time

My Approach & Values

I truly believe “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” My goal is to help parents and their baby to set a good habit from the start. 

Signs, sleeping and toileting are indeed different areas but they are very much interlinked. They are all based on observation, understanding and communication. Using my certifications from the oldest and most reputable institutions, I have taught hundreds of parents techniques to make their infant and early childhood parenting easier. I love to see their reviews after the course or consultation and their successful stories with their children. It motivates me to move on to teach more parents.

It would be an honor to work with the whole family who want to give their babies the utmost in natural, responsive, and gentle parenting, from the start…but don’t have the energy available to read heavy books or follow complex instruction.


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