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Client Testimonials

Kind words from our past clients on our support, coaching and education. 

“We went from carrying and patting our baby for naps & bedtime, to sleeping through the night.”


9 Months Old – Singapore

“I cannot thank Angela enough for her help. I call her my sleep angel and honestly I would not have had the resilience or resolve to tackle the challenges this year without her support to correct Jimmy’s sleeping. It’s completely transformed our household and I don’t know what I would have done without her.”


7 Months Old – Singapore

“Angela is amazing! In less than 3 weeks, she got my 3.5 year old sleeping independently, without any power struggles or too much crying! He’s cheerful going to bed at night and everyone is sleeping so much better at home. Thank you!”


3.5 Years Old – Singapore

“Angela is professional, patient, knowledgeable, responsive, committed, responsible, encouraging, clear, and concise. We felt that we were very well-supported by Angela throughout this journey and this is very important because the process does get daunting and challenging sometimes along the way. She works out suitable solutions for us as parents as well as what suits our baby. We went from carrying and patting our baby to sleep with a pacifier to none of that. He now falls asleep independently in his cot for naps and bedtime, and he now also knows how to continue sleeping should he wake up during the


8 Months Old – Singapore

“The classes are fun & informative & my son was signing before he turned one!”


Emelia Lee

12 Months Old – Singapore

“We loved the class, Angela uses different ways like books, songs and gives us tips, etc to help us learn and remember the signs. She also talks about the different learning/play stages/ways to play with our baby which is really helpful. We enjoyed the class heaps, it is a great bonding session. My son picked up quite a few different signs/words. It made me realize how much he actually understood and definitely helped him communicate with us. We definitely recommend Angela’s class.”


Audrey Ong

11 Months Old – Singapore

“I can finally sleep very well and rest longer hours after almost 30 years. I feel much better now!”


Adult Craniosacral Client- Singapore


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