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Hello! I’m Angela

Your personal baby whisperer

I’m so glad you’re here because I know that caring for a baby is exhausting. We all love sleep and being healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. And let’s face, with a baby or toddler, that’s not easy!

Raising my two boys, I’ve learned a lot about helping a baby sleep, teaching communication, and potty training that can make your life easier!

My first born is a special needs child who enjoys music and bringing smiles to everyone. I learned Bio-dynamic Craniosacral therapy to better support his overall growth and development. My second son was quite a nightmare until when he was 18-month-old. His sleep was like a roller coaster ride, and he just constantly woke up to be fed like an infant. The exhaustion and anxiety of being up every night, taking my oldest to therapies each day, providing play time and nurturing during the day led me to the discovery of a sleep consultant on Facebook.

Just 3-5 days after implementing the sleep plan we learned from the consultant, the entire house was sleeping. My nearly one and half years of sleep deprivation was over and my obsession with sleep began! So I decided to go on to earn my pediatric sleep consultant certification from the Sleep Sense program.

This led me to creating my early childhood communication community so I could help parents avoid the unnecessary exhaustion, stress, and anxiety during the early years. I am here to help you with 3 of the biggest stressors of being a parent to a baby-preschool age children: sleep, communication, and potty training. Welcome!

I Work With newborns, babies, toddlers & above

My Education

  • Bachelor of Commerce from Australian National University
  • Certified Public Accountant Australia
  • Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant
  • Certified Independent Baby Signs® Instructor
  • Certified Go Diaper Free coach 
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner


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