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Hello! I’m Angela

Your Personal Baby Whisperer

Caring for a baby can feel really exhausting. No one prepares you for it and parents often question if they are doing the right thing. The lack of sleep is inevitable, and in fact, we all need to sleep to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Let’s face it, with a baby or toddler, that’s really hard to do! We are often worried about them even when we are sleeping and that really starts to take its toll.

My three children were my greatest teachers. Since then, having helped over 500 families all over the world, I’ve learned a lot about helping babies and children sleep, helping them communicate with us, and potty learning that can really make a parent’s life so much easier and enjoyable!

As a mother to a special needs child who enjoys music and bringing smiles to everyone, I also learned revolutionary training in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (something I can’t wait to show you) to better support his growth and his sleeping.  At the same time, my second child was also really challenging until he was 18 months old. His sleep was like a roller coaster ride, and he would constantly wake up to be fed like an infant. The exhaustion and anxiety of being up every night, as well as providing play time, and nurturing during the day led me to this sleep-learning journey. I implemented all I had learned, changing the routine and schedule while introducing healthy sleep habits, our entire house was sleeping (including us parents). My nearly one and half years of sleep deprivation were over in almost an instant and my obsession with sleep (and helping other parents just like you who were experiencing the same challenges) began!

I became a certified pediatric sleep consultant from the Sleep Sense program as well as a Baby signs® certified instructor, and now support families in helping their children sleep and communicate with them. 

Through my early childhood community, we now help parents avoid unnecessary exhaustion, stress, and anxiety during their children’s early years. I am here to help you with 3 of the biggest stressors of being a parent to babies and preschool-age children: sleep, communication, and potty learning. 

Most importantly I want to help you feel confident as a parent (who sleeps well) and allows you to truly experience the joy of parenting the way it should and can be. Welcome!

My Education

With a diverse background and mother myself, I provide balanced, actionable coaching to fit all parenting approaches.

Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant

Certified Independent Baby Signs® Instructor

Certified Go Diaper Free coach

Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner

Certified Public Accountant Australia

What I Offer


Private Sleep Consulting

From birth through school-age, we provide customized sleep coaching programs for your family.

Potty Training Coaching

The transition out of diapers can happen with children as she show signs of readiness and we support you on the journey.

Baby Sign Language

Start two-way communication before babies can talk to understand your child’s needs & help language development.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy can assist many health conditions due to its foundational aim to restore health in clients.

“I cannot thank Angela enough for her help. I call her my sleep angel and honestly I would not have had the resilience or resolve to tackle the challenges this year without her support to correct Jimmy’s sleeping. It’s completely transformed our household and I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Gina & Baby James, 7 Months Old