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Baby Signs

Start two-way communication & support your child’s needs

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Your baby is clearly trying to tell you something but through the screams and tears you can’t figure it out.
  • The inability to communicate with your baby has both of you frustrated and stressed.
  • Your older baby points to everything but speech is not there yet to help to identify the exact item or request.
  • Your older toddler keeps showing temper tantrum to get his way without proper communication.

I know exactly how you feel because when my first born was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth, I was told he might have severe learning disabilities including learning to talk. I did what any mother would do, I learned how to communicate with him.

Around age one we started baby signs with him and within weeks he was telling us “More”  because he enjoys every bit of his food! My second son started to show his “Milk” sign at 5 months old and his vocabulary grew exponentially after year one.


Baby Signs

 Online live or in-person Courses

Start two-way communication before babies can talk to understand your child’s needs, help language development and get a jumpstart on IQ. 


Baby Signs Packages

Sign, Say & Play is a 4 weekly online LIVE or IN-PERSON course with a certified baby signs instructor in Singapore. It combines useful signs, music and movements, parenting tips, stories, and interactive games into a single cutting-edge curriculum.


Baby Signs Reference Guide


Caregivers can refer to this big visual guide

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Online Live


6-Modules of Signs

Over 100+ Signs Included

Parenting Tips Bundle

In-Person Course


6-Modules of Signs

Over 100+ Signs Included

Parents Circle Group

Parenting Tips Bundle

ECE certification Course for Preschools


Useful Signs

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Teaching Tips 

From my experience, you will learn to…

reduce frustration

Be able to respond to your baby’s needs so baby has fewer frustration-related crying.

Balance Emotions

Help your baby to be able to express their needs, emotions more easily and share their world.

Strengthen Bonding

Develop a deeper bond with baby & release hormones in the brain to encourage rapid brain growth.

    Help Baby Communicate

    Be able to understand your baby and dial up your own confidence in your ability to listen and respond.

      “The classes are fun & informative & my son was signing before he turned one!”

      Amelia Lee

      A New Way to Engage with Your Baby

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      Start Learning

      Help Your Child Communicate

      “We loved the class, Angela uses different ways like books, songs and gives us tips etc to help us learn and remember the signs. She also talks about the different learning/play stages/ways to play with our baby which is really helpful. We enjoyed the class heaps, it is a great bonding session. My son picked up quite a few different signs/words. It made me realise how much he actually understood and definitely helped him communicate with us. We definitely recommend Angela’s class.”


      Audrey Ong