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Sweet Dreams- Private Sleep Coaching


Private Sleep Coaching Services – Sweet dreams


Private Sleep Coaching Services – Sweet dreams

  • Questionnaire and Sleep Program- After the payment and agreement are signed online,  a detailed Questionnaire will be sent to you to fill up within 15 minutes via email. The answers will help me understand more about your child in all areas including habits, temperament, and food intake. Then we will prepare a written Sleep Plan program based on the answers given to tailor specifically to your child. The Sleep Plan will contain the routine suitable for your child, a suitable schedule including food, activity, and sleep, and a step-by-step plan for how to teach your child to sleep independently for day naps and throughout the night. Meanwhile, we will ensure your child’s sleep environment is conducive and safe.
  • 90 min Zoom consultation with you to discuss the Sleep Plan with you in detail. After you have received the written program, you will need to note down any questions or concerns for discussion. We will also go through the main points in the plan.
  • Follow up Support: private support for 2 weeks from the first night we start the training. We will make sure the feedback are followed up and the changes are implemented on time.
  • Graduation call: we will provide you tips where your little ones will be using along the way like travel, holiday plan, going out, nap transitions, sickness, teething and so on.
  • 2 additional weeks of Q&A: after graduation, Q&A will be open for another 2 more weeks for further adjustments or any new situations coming up.