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“98 percent of children are completely daytime independent by age 4” (NY Times, 1999). 

As a parent and toilet training coach, I know that deep inside you’re probably housing a thought that could completely sabotage your attempts at potty training your child. Thoughts such as “is your child ready to potty train”, or uncertainty from your side about you’re going to go about potty training can all lead to immense confusion and you’ll end up doing the potty training half-heartedly. And, if you’re not clear or confident, trust me your child will feel those emotions and also feel less confident.

So you see the pattern developing? And since we as parents have been encouraged for generations to “wait until your child is ready”, the simplest hurdle you’ll face will have you believing your child was not ready at all (or you’ll hear your Parents or parents-in-law whispering in your ear saying exactly that).

But the truth is, with just a bit more clarity, commitment and confidence, the entire process can be so simple for both you and your child. Remember, society as we know it is one where you’re supported when you give up, which in this case means buying more diapers. And let’s be honest, “waiting until they’re ready” is often just an easy way out that parents will grab with both hands. The thing is that we are actually closer to reaching the potty training goal than we think, but like a birth, the hardest time is just before the baby emerges. It’s at this point where you want to throw in the towel, but it’s also at this very point where you should be forging ahead.

For day time training, at 18-36 months your child is already 100% ready for potty training. And if your child is younger and you both feel ready, then the time is right too. We use 18-24 months as a “perfect” age because according to research, long-term repetitive memory becomes fully developed between the ages of 14-18 months. But remember, all children develop at different rates so this is not set in stone. The age to be potty trained varies in different parts of the world as well.

For now, from me as a mother as well as a toilet training coach, your child is more than capable to take on the task of potty training. History proves this to be true. There is no reason for you to wait it out to train your child and you don’t need to depend on a quiz or a Google search.

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